At the core of LeadDev is the community of engineering leaders that we are lucky to work with.

People have always been at the heart of our mission, and we now have a network that is super supportive, full of motivation and encouragement, and growing year on year. We understand that by putting people and their perspectives before the product, the tech industry has the power to create empathetic, high-performing technical leaders that drive their engineering teams to build better software and happier teams. 

Although our community is spread throughout the world and we’re all on different leadership journeys, we are all united in our ambition to become more effective at what we do. LeadDev is a space where we can come together to learn from our mistakes and experiences as a collective. Through sharing the knowledge we’ve gained as technical leaders, we can both grow our own careers, develop others, and propel the tech industry forward.

We care powerfully about creating safe, inclusive spaces in the tech industry because we know that is how individuals and teams thrive. Our conferences have always and will always have a code of conduct that we live by. This code of conduct is reflected by our meetups, where you can find your local leadership peers to chat to and feel supported by, and on all of our online channels. We aim to be a dependable space where there are others facing the same challenges as you, who want to come together to solve them. Together, we can make our industry care about the people behind the tech as much as the tech itself.

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