There is a ton of advice out there for new and existing managers. Some of it is helpful, some of it unrealistic, and some of it is downright contradictory. With all this information at your fingertips, it can take time to cut through the noise and grow into the leader you are today. Experimenting with new approaches and learning new skills are all part of the management journey!

However, no one prepares you for how to lead teams and deliver results through a period of economic uncertainty and downturn. Times like these require a different leadership toolkit that you might not be used to utilizing. This deep dive aims to guide you through the key strategies to build into your leadership approach that will help you and your teams navigate the turbulent waters ahead.

Elevating your leadership skills during tough times

In this panel, engineering leaders will share how they strive to be the best leaders they can be during a downturn and the skills necessary to do so.


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Katie Wilde Snyk Senior Director of Engineering
Sangeeta Narayanan Netflix Media Cloud Engineering Team Leader
Tramale Turner ActionIQ SVP Engineering
Julien Veneziano Squarespace Senior Engineering Manager
Smruti Patel Apollo GraphQL VP of Engineering

The 4 steps to leading through a downturn

A downturn can ramp up the pressure on managers to balance the needs of their team and the business. Here are four steps to take back control when external factors get in your way.

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Rethinking your engineering budget for a downturn

During a downturn, engineering managers must rethink their budgets, focus on running efficient services, and motivate their team through difficult times.

Adapting your leadership for a downturn

Leading through a downturn requires a different approach. Here’s how to realign your leadership to suit this new set of challenges.

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Developing a platform mindset for APIs

Guillaume Scheibel is a Principal Engineer from Apollo GraphQL. In this ebook, Guillaume highlights the requirements for building a scalable API platform and outlines what this could look like at your organization.