Navigating legacy code is a persistent challenge for online travel agencies. You need to stay competitive and give travelers frictionless, intuitive, and personalized experiences despite the complexity in global travel industry systems.

In this Deep Dive, engineering leaders share perspectives and best practices for tackling your own legacy code and effectively modernizing outdated architectures. You’ll learn how to motivate engineers to work on legacy codebases and address technical debt so your business can innovate with new technologies and keep up with market trends.

Solving online travel’s legacy code conundrum

The global web of travel industry systems and stakeholders has grown complex with layers of legacy code. It’s time to double-down on modernization.


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How enterprises can overcome the challenge of legacy code

In this panel, enterprise engineering leaders share the steps they and their teams took to untangle legacy code in a realistic, manageable way.



Adrienne Lowe Dutchie Senior Engineering Manager
Suresh Vellanki Sabre Senior Vice President
Tramaine Darby Red Hat Senior Engineering Manager
Calin Birlean FlightHub Director, Delivery & Service Technology

A journey to tackle legacy code in online travel

Modernizing online travel experiences is a huge engineering challenge, here’s how Sabre tackled it head on.


The six steps to addressing legacy enterprise code

Legacy code is a fact of life, but it can’t be ignored. Here are six practical steps to identify and refactor legacy code in your organization.

Learning to live with legacy code

It’s possible to have a large codebase that isn’t cumbersome to work with by setting a technology vision, distributing the work effectively, and tracking progress publicly.