When an economic downturn hits, it's no surprise that recruitment is dropped from the priority list. When businesses pivot away from growth and towards cost optimization, they look to fulfill their objectives with their current resources and headcount (giving rise to the infamous phrase ‘do more with less’). And that’s even before orgs turn to more drastic measures such as lay-offs and reorgs.

However, although the industry outlook may seem bleak, there are still companies who are actively hiring - whether that's to fill skills gaps after a re-org, or simply because they are still growing. These companies are facing a drastically different hiring market than they’re used to, with the added pressure of making every decision count. In this deep dive, we will discuss how things have changed, and key strategies to making the daunting task of hiring in a downturn that bit more straightforward.

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Everything you need to know about hiring engineers in 2023

In this panel, engineering leaders will discuss how companies can balance the need to quickly find great engineers with fewer hiring and interviewing resources.

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Sonal Mehta Mailchimp Intuit Senior Engineering Manager
Olga Arbitman Engineering Director and Women in Tech Coach
Sebastian Nilsson NGLM CTO
Jason Wodicka Karat Principal Engineering Advocate

Optimize tech hiring for a meaningful candidate experience

In the current economic environment, companies are reevaluating hiring strategies. This process creates an opportunity to implement best practices that make hiring more efficient, fair, and enjoyable for candidates.

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Navigating tech recruitment in times of uncertainty

Gretchen Scott, CEO of tech-focused career growth platform Kaleida, reflects on how uncertainty has been a constant companion in the tech industry's journey over the past two decades.

Rethinking your engineer hiring strategy in 2024

As this year draws to a close, we reflect on some key learnings from 2023 and how to apply these to next year's hiring strategy.

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2023 Tech Hiring Trends Report

Discover what 600+ engineering and talent leaders are facing in tech hiring today, and what the top performers are doing differently to win the race for tech talent.