To attract and retain great software engineers, companies need to create a work environment that enables developers to be productive and fulfilled in their roles. However, every organization is different, making it hard for engineering leaders to know what really matters to their developer teams, and therefore which areas to invest in. Exactly how important is a shiny, new tech stack to engineers? Which metrics do teams prefer to measure? And what’s the perfect balance of operational vs project work?

In this Deep Dive, engineering leaders will shed light on what environment, tools, and processes make for the happiest, most productive software engineering teams. Dive into different perspectives on the way engineers like to work and discover how to pull the levers available to you in order to create a work environment that keeps your teams happy and retains your best people.

Fostering a culture of experimentation in your engineering teams

In this panel, engineering leaders share how to create space for fostering innovation within their teams without disrupting vital business projects.


Arylee McSweaney Frontend Enablement Director of Engineering
Jason Van Der Merwe Strava Director of Engineering
Lisi Hocke Ada Health Senior Expert Quality Engineer
Ariel Pérez Split VP of Engineering - Measurement & Learning

How feature measurement promotes productivity and happiness

Measuring features can help software engineers release high-quality work in a psychologically safe environment.

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Stop working on islands as engineers

Software engineers can often find themselves working on an island, but this isn’t an effective route to success. Here’s how to build a raft, FaST, and get back on the mainland.

Coding with clarity to improve developer experience

Writing more readable code and setting clear expectations can help reduce cognitive load, more consistently reach flow state, and build more effective feedback loops.


How engineering managers can bring back the joy of building

Enabling a culture of experimentation with feature management