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We are a community of software engineering leaders that come together to learn and get inspired on all things team, tech, process, and personal development. 

LeadDev has become an essential destination for anyone in tech and engineering who wants to scale themselves and create impact. When you plug in to LeadDev, you gain access to inspirational knowledge and thought-provoking advice on both perennial challenges and the issues of today. From practical ideas you can implement immediately, to future trends that will give you an electric advantage. 

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As well as our innovative content, the LeadDev experience can be found in our virtual programme for teams, LeadDev Together, and at our much loved in-person and virtual conferences that are hosted in the tech hubs of London, New York, San Francisco and Berlin. 

We are driven by this simple belief:  the more you care about something, the more successful you become at it. It’s why we focus on new ideas and best practice. It’s why we create resources that are intensely useful for your work. And it’s why we put people at the centre of everything we do. 

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